Capital & Coaching

Waterpoint is a private family office with access to institutional and peer office funding for select investments. We view our role as a growth partner.

Management has broad experience in high growth businesses having overseen over $2bn in consumer and commercial loans and investments across North America.

We work with people whose mindset resonates with the principal based approach laid out here. We select companies where a combination of capital, and operational and strategic support are needed and valued, and where we can fill a meaningful portion of those buckets.

We zero in on exceptional people who play to their strengths and crave support in areas they don’t have experience or talent. Our role is to unleash you to do what you do best.

We value alignment, partnership, honesty.

Traditional investment firms look at you through their lens, and see if you happen to fit with their investment thesis. We look holistically at key attributes, regardless of industry or product, which will result in success.

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