Key Attributes

Self-Realization:  We are not looking for individuals who see ‘being a CEO’ as the goal.   Instead, we take the burden and distraction of much of what a CEO has to do and create focus that allows the leadership team to excel in what got them as far as they have.

We will ask you straight up, your top three problems.  We expect an honest and thoughtful answer, and we’ll get excited about working with you to solve.   We’re far more interested in how we can augment your superpowers and unleash your potential than forcing you to waste energy on non-core activities.  

Business Prowess:  We establish a strategic plan with our investee partners, and then drive disciplined execution focus.   We also recognize that blind commitment to a plan that had flaws, or in an everchanging market must adapt, quickly and safely.  It’s embedded in our planning process.

Our planning process is proven, and of high value.  We start with a rigorous and challenging exercise about the how to get from A to B in the most efficient, risk-balanced way.   We have the tools and experience to build the plan, then execute, monitor, pivot as needed. Repeat until successful.

Grey is the new gold.   The team at Waterpoint has a lot of mileage, but remain energized. 

The pairing of experience and capital, with new ideas and excitement and hard work results in a potent creation.

A (hundred) Mile(s) in Your Shoes:   The team at Waterpoint, without exception, have undeniably proven track records in all areas of business growth as operators.  

Having been where you are, we operate from a perspective of corporate empathy, we understand the challenges, excitement, pain, and can view the world through your eyes.

Two Way Street:  We expect you to earn our commitment of time and capital, and we expect to earn yours.  

Traditional equity and growth capital tends to look ‘down’ at its investments, we look across, at a partner not an investment.  When you’re out hunting for capital, and walk through our doors, you’ll quickly notice what makes us different.

Business Killers:   Yes, a high percentage of failures are driven from a lack of capital, but what actually drives the lack of capital?   Greed, and ego are very high on the list. 

We’ll keep you grounded.  Frankly, if we see either of these resident in the leadership team we won’t invest in the first place.

Must haves:   While we have non-negotiable philosophy oriented elements laid out above, there are some must haves that are fundamentally capital oriented including:

  • A sensible, risk-managed path to profitability
  • A plan that considers return on capital, either through dividends or strategic sale
  • A sharp view of where your business sits in the market relative to competitors with a focus on differentiation
  • Smart people